Sometimes, people in Twitch chat have a lot of questions for a streamer’s computer specifications or mouse settings, or something more esoteric.

Because of this, I’ve tried to put all the settings and specifications of everything I can think of into one GitHub repo to answer most of people’s questions and to help them set up their own streams with as little effort as possible.

Below are some examples of the settings and specifications you will find in the repo.

General settings

These are the, well general, settings that I always use by default for reasons lined out in some of the # comments. All the game settings in the overview are settings I try to use in all games. The settings under games/ are settings specific to each game on top of the default settings under game in general.yml.

OBS Studio

The OBS guide outline the general settings for OBS Studio, but if you want the nitty-gritty, you can check out the explicit settings for yourself.

Game settings

Setting up a game to be work properly can be a huge time sink and pain in the ass, especially if you are dealing with older editions. The game section lets you save time and sanity by copying the settings from individual games, although many of them are a matter of preference. To read more about game optimizations, read the optimization guide.

Discord settings

On top of my Discord guide, you can also see each and every one of my Discord settings, both user and server settings. There are a lot of them, but I’ll try to keep the file up to date—especially for my own sake.

Nightbot settings

Follow up on the moderation guide by looking up my specific Nightbot settings.


Literally the most difficult challenge in setting up a Twitch and social-media account is figuring out what dimensions your image assets need to be. Every single social platform does an awful job of listing these dimensions.

While there may be better dimensions for some of the assets, these are the ones I am using, and why let perfect be the enemy of good when you’re just starting out anyway?


(Stands for command line interface.)

If you’ve read some of the nerdier guides like the Livestreamer guide, you’ve got your hands dirty with installing things and running commands in the terminal like a pro.

In the cli/ folder, you can find my configs for Livestreamer, youtube-dl, and mpv.


Every power user needs their shortcuts. These are the few I use.

App settings

Settings for all kinds of apps used on stream.

Privacy and security settings

A major overview of some protective settings and measures to help you along.

Social media settings

Not too different from the privacy and security settings as they are mainly concerned with the same factors.

I don’t use Instagram and Facebook, so I probably won’t be of much help with those platforms.

Donation settings

Making sure your donation settings are set up can be intimidating, especially to me. Still a work in progress.

Twitch settings

Go figure.