Great game mechanics

These game concepts are great; all games should copy them.

Game Feature
ACO Respeccing is freely available
ACO Pick up items doesn’t halt your movement
CSGO Crouch fatigue
GoW Clear parry and unblockable indicators
GoW Parries trigger slow motion
OW Avoid teammate
RE2 Map shows items you passed by, and rooms are red until cleared
RE2 Map shows interactable objects and whether doors are locked
RE2 Notification when key items are no longer needed
Apex The ping system
DMC5 Try out abilities in the Void before buying them
GRW Sync shots between your allies to shoot simultaneously
Tekken 7 Slow-mo on fatal hit
Observation Input numbers are only on left side of keyboard
Siege Team damage becomes self-damage
Warframe Bullet jumping is such a satisfying way to travel
MHW Crafting wishlists that alert you when you have the materials
MHW Downgrading crafted weapons returns the used materials
MHW Proximity list of interactables nearby
Gears 5 Kitchen sink accessibility