Safety for streamers on Twitch and YouTube

When in doubt, call 911 or equivalent.

There are also so-called non-emergency numbers in some places; see if one is available for your area.

If you need more preparation, this article goes into detail about how the call might go and what you’ll be asked.

Basic digital security for iOS users

iVerify is an immensely useful app that walks you through securing your phone and most online services. It’s a must, honestly.

I also have a list of various privacy and security settings that isn’t as straightforward to follow but might cover some of your more specific questions and concerns.

Address Confidentiality Programs

In the US:

Address Confidentiality Programs were created to protect victims of stalking, domestic violence, sexual assault, and other crimes from offenders who use public records, such as voter or drivers’ license registries, to locate them. These programs give victims a legal substitute address (usually a post office box) to use in place of their physical address; this address can be used whenever an address is required by public agencies. First class mail sent to the substitute address is forwarded to the victim’s actual address.

Thirty-six states have launched Address Confidentiality Programs (see below) and laws governing eligibility vary from state to state. It is important to remember that these programs can only work if the perpetrator does not know where the victim lives, and when used in conjunction with other safety strategies.

More info at the Stalking Resource Center.

Getting help in emergencies

This is your “panic sheet”:

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Giving help in emergencies

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Dealing with swatting

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(More specific advice is complicated by differences in how each state and jurisdiction handles swatting. All the more reason to get a lawyer.)


While help with stalking from authorities is often outdated and ineffective, you still have options:

Give them a look even if you don’t live on the countries.

Read through this informative success story about a stalker who was sentenced and received a restraining order:

The Wirecutter just released an excellent guide for dealing with digital abuse.

General resources

Tall Poppy’s general resources are well worth your time.