How to clip on Twitch

Making Clips is one of the most awesome way to support your streamer and help them succeed; it highlights the best parts of the channel and streamer’s personality.

Here are some basic steps to making a good Clip:

  1. Make a descriptive title
    • People will ignore Clips with default names
    • Don’t give away what the surprise or twist is
    • Don’t just use an emote like “PogChamp” as the title
    • Including the game title is sometimes useful
  2. Edit and trim the Clip
    • Make an effort of trimming it down to 0.1s; timing makes a big difference in the final quality
    • There is nothing wrong with a five-second Clip, if that’s all there is to show
  3. Share it in chat, especially for those who might have missed it
  4. Clips aren’t just for live moments; clipping VODs is helpful for capturing the best moments on streams, too.
  5. Only share the Clip with a community that will react positively towards the streamer; it’s no fun if a Clip of your stream goes viral because people are talking crap about you.

And review and clean up in all your Clips from time to time at

Last, the sucky part: please report bad-faith Clips with things like creepshots, captures of leaked personal information, and other Clips whose titles suggests ill intent. Report them both to Twitch and the streamer privately through Twitch whispers, social-media DMs, and/or Discord. You’d think the Clips would eventually be deleted by someone, but it actually rarely happens, and going through all the Clips for your channel as a streamer is beyond exhausting.

Thanks for doing your part.