Channel emotes

Twitch Partners can give subscribers emotes to use globally.

The number of emotes is tied to the number of subscribers. As of April 2017, these are the subscriber requirements:

Emote slots Subscribers
1 0
2 0
3 10
4 20
5 35
6 50
7 65
8 80
9 100
10 125
11 150
12 175
13 200
14 225
15 250
16 300
17 350
18 400
19 450
20 500
21 600
22 700
23 800
24 900
25 1,000
26 1,200
27 1,400
28 1,600
29 1,800
30 2,000
31 2,200
32 2,400
33 2,600
34 2,800
35 3,000
36 3,200
37 3,400
38 3,600
39 3,800
40 4,000
41 4,200
42 4,400
43 4,600
44 4,800
45 5,000
46 5,400
47 5,800
48 6,200
49 6,600
50 7,000
“Stay tuned!” 10,000+

With the revamped emote tiers, you can no longer lose emote slots, even if your subscriber count fluctuates. The new system is also way more granular than the old one that only had 13 tiers

Twitch Affiliates gain access to one emote.


There are a number of requirements, some of which are:


Many emotes follow a naming convention that makes it easy for new subscribers to memorize your emotes.


First, you need a prefix

Prefix Streamer
Lirik lirik
Ashm0nster ash
Annemunition anne

Obviously, you should make it as short as possible. The prefix is lowercase.

Unfortunately, prefixes are autogenerated for affiliates, which, honestly, is just kind of a mess:

Auto-generated Affiliate Emoticon Prefix Results In Terrible Emoticon Codes from Twitch


Then you need a suffix for the specific emote.

The suffix is either capitalized or entirely uppercase, and there doesn’t appear to be any meaningful pattern for this. Full uppercase is easier to write and memorize, and most will assume and prefer this. Unfortunately, emote suffixes are capitalized extremely inconsistently beyond any pattern that I can recognize:

Suffix Meaning
A argh
H heart <3
S nervous sweat
D shock and outrage
Thump crying
LEWD too saucy
REKT well done (not)
MLG well played
FEELS sadface
Good -
Cool -
Rage -
Wut -
THICC sexy (deprecated)

Check out a list of Lirik’s emotes and browse some of the other Twitch emotes for inspiration. is also a great place to get an overview of popular emotes.

(Also consider getting your own animated Rare dance for BTTV.)

What are some of the typical reactions in your chat, and are there any inside jokes or tropes on the stream that might inspire an emote?


With BetterTTV installed, go to, then My Emotes. You can now add your own custom emotes to your channel, regardless of whether you’re a partner or have any emote slots. You can also use the many free BTTV emotes available on the site.

This is with the software installed, and it’s not supported on Twitch’s mobile app, so mind the caveats of using this compared to natively as a partnered streamer. You’ll also have to make sure you’ve enabled animated emotes in the BTTV settings, if you want to view those rather than their command text.

The same can be accomplished with the BTTV alternative FrankerFaceZ, though the selection is very different.

$9.99 and $24.99 emotes

Twitch have added two new sub tiers on top of the regular $4.99: $9.99 and $24.99. They tend to referred to as Tiers 1, 2, and 3 respectively.

Higher tiers help unlock new emote tiers by counting as multiple subscribers:

  1. One
  2. Two
  3. Six

For each of these sub tiers, another emote is, or at least can be, unlocked.

What should a higher-tier emote be like? As far as I’m concerned, making people feel bad about a regular subscription is a bad way to go about it so I recommend just doing a skin or re-colour of an existing emote. That way, there’s a tangible reward that doesn’t feel exclusive to your regular subscribers.

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